Night Desert Safari – the fantastic desert safari offer

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This is a charming experience to sleep under the sky full of twinkling stars. Many of the overnight desert safari packages provide the best experiences on the tour. The deserts of Dubai are the best-known attractions for tourists in the whole world. The overnight safari is best for nature loving persons. Desert safari is the best source to know about the Arabian culture of Dubai. The taxi brings tourists directly from Dubai hotel to the heart of desert where the various adventures are experienced. The dune bashing is most famous of them. Then they move toward camps in the night where the Arabic carpets are used to it. The night safari is most famous in all the packages and is full of memorable excitement.

All services are provided warmly.  The huts are present which are made of palm tree, which is beautifully decorated with cushions and carpets. The desert is experienced for a lifetime in presence of BBQ dinner and horse riding.

A lot of surprises waiting for people. Dubai desert is very distinguished from deserts from all over the world. The night desert is best to notice the Arabic traditions of Dubai. Tourists are allowed to visit and experience Dubai costumes to take a picture.  At night, the sleeping bags with tents are provided which are very comfortable to them.  The camps are designed in Arabic traditions. In the next sunrise, they are provided with special Arabic traditional coffee and dates. The overnight adventures are best.

Those people who want a peaceful place away from the city, then overnight a desert is an excellent place for them. Desert offers them with luxurious desert camps having the lot more fun in it. The overnight sky provides the breath taking a view of peace and calm environment away from the city. Minimum six people can sit in the jeep for dune bashing. To experience a night with the peaceful and entertaining environment is lifetime memorable. In the camps, various refreshments are offered to keep them cheerful throughout the night, which includes in a horseshoe, magic show, Tanura dance, fire show and the belly dance shows.

Tour for dune bashing in the golden sand in ups and downs of dunes in desert safari is 30 minutes. The pregnant women and heart patients are not allowed in dune bashing.  Plenty of adventurous activities are including in the shisha which is Arabic water pipe, dune bashing, Quad biking, Drive through the desert, horse riding on extra payments, camel riding, Henna tattoos, pick and drop facilities, the bar for alcohol and wine but is not allowed in Ramadan. Traditional coffee and dates, Arabic costumes to take pictures,  Overnight stay in camp, sunrise and sunset photographs, sleep bags, unlimited soft and hot drinks, sand boarding, quad biking, belly dance, Tanura dance, fire dance and other magic show. All these activities to perform unforgettable memories for a lifetime. Most of the memories they bring back in form of tattoos and pictures. The overnight best offer is its VIP dinner in a desert safari.

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