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Have you been to abu dhabi ever? If not, make sure you visit this beautiful emirate of UAE which has so much enchanting spot and wonders. There are some of the famous mosques, beaches and more at abu dhabi where you can explore and chill out with your family and friends. The popular sheik zayed mosque is at this very great location which is such a magnificent and world second largest mosque which is an eye capturing one for every tourist who visits out there. Ferrari world is aloes another great spot at abu dhabi where you will definitely become exhilarating especially if you are fond of cars and driving.

For the natural lovers:

There are many beautiful spots you can find at abu dhabi which has got nature filled beauty spread over. These would be the destination which many of the tourists don’t know or they fail to visit.

  • Jebel hafeet is the world famous and the highest peak in abu dhabi which has a great view. It is very good spot for the people who would have a trekking or a ride through the peak and getting on the top of it. After reaching the topic, the view is spectacular that you will really love the effort to reach the top. This amazing peak and its views are really fascinating and you must visit this famous peak to see some surprising views.
  • Emirates park zoo at abu dhabi would be a fun destination to visit with your family. Kids will to have a great time spending here watching different species of animals and birds. It is a great spot where you can find habitat of special types of species even This would be a place o spend your time watching them around and taking pictures
  • Camel market in Al ain would be a best spot  where you can enjoy the beautiful camel trades, you may come across the Arabian culture and tradition with camels and good information about them


Safaris to enjoy:

Desert safaris are the ones which you should not miss out to enjoy the desert beauty. The deserts are the real admiring spots where you can find the vast and big desert filled with camels and nature beauty. It would be a great time to spend safaris at desert enjoying the sand dune bashing and more. This is a great experience you can have from your journey to desert. Try to take up a desert safari offer which includes the well formed events and plans to make your day here. Through this, you can enjoy the desert adventure riding through camels and having jeep safaris. It’s easy to start your desert safari at any time Are you thinking of how to grab desert safari offer? Click here to see the lists of offers and its rates. This would be a perfect enjoyment and entertainment to you and your family in making your desert day and night a fabulous one.

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