An Introduction to the Healthcare in Dubai

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The quality of healthcare in Dubai is significantly high and equal to that in the Western Europe and the United States of America; except for some highly specialized treatment. According to the World Bank, Dubai is ranked as the second most popular medical tourism destination. The Dubai Health Authority a.k.a. DHA manages the private healthcare facilities while the public healthcare centers are supervised by the Hospital Service Sector (HSS).

Due to the small population of Dubai and the big number of medical facilities available in the public and private sector, long waiting lists are very rare. In the case of specialized treatments, it is sometimes necessary to seek medical assistance outside Dubai. Locals who can afford often do so. All the operations and treatments of the members of the royal families and wealthy Arabs are performed outside the UAE. This is due to habitual reasons. These people prefer American cities and London even for getting medical facilities.

The doctors and other medical staff are usually local, however, the majority of them are foreign and trained in their respective countries; outside the UAE. Dubai holds its position as an attraction for them due to the fact that they can earn maximum financial rewards.

The government-run and public hospitals provide healthcare facilities for free. However, they are at liberty to restrict the treatment to the locals only. Foreign nationals and expats may have to move to private healthcare centers if they don’t have a health card issued by the Ministry of Health, UAE. The private hospitals provide equally good medical facilities but they are expensive. Even the initial consultation fee can cost you $50 excluding the charges of tests and other examinations.

Health Insurance – The Key

It is suggested to acquire a health insurance prior to moving to Dubai. The International health insurance will enable you to get the best medical facilities at private healthcare centers without spending a single penny. The insurance providers will bear all the expenses and you just have to pay them a fixed amount of money known as premium.

These are some of the best healthcare facilities available in Dubai. If you are an expat, your employ may provide you this facility. You can also get an insurance policy for you and your family on your own if you want.

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